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What You Need to Know About Course Design

Posted by: Jessica Nerren
November 17, 2019

Our course designers offer valuable insight, resources and expertise to course design, something that can be particularly useful to faculty when prepping a new course or offering a course online for the first time

When designing a course, have this in mind:

Ask yourself the questions:

  • What do I already know?
  • What do I want my students to learn?
  • How do I expect the information to be presented?
  • Are my materials relevant and do they reflect the learning units?
  • Are my assessments a teaching tool or an evaluation mechanism?
  • Can students evaluate their own progress?
  • How is the technology integrated to achieve curricular goals?
  •  Is technology supporting the key components of learning?
  • How am I using evaluations?
  • Student to teacher?
  • Student to materials?
  • Student to student?

What are the key elements of design?

  •  Is location of materials intuitive to students?
  •  Is there a flow to the content?
  • Is the style consistent?
  • Are materials organized in a coherent order?

What are the design steps?

  1. Define outcomes of course or lesson
  2. Write learning objectives for the module
  3. Assess existing content
  4. Determine any gaps or omissions
  5. Design content (prototype)
  6. Evaluate content by learning objectives
  7. Fill any gaps
  8. Create Assessment