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Online/Hybrid Instruction

The Role of ATI in Online/Hybrid Learning

Online learning and hybrid instruction are enormous new areas of opportunity for your classes, your department and the university. People currently take CSUSB courses from all over the world online. ATI helps make it happen. 


Benefits of Hybrid Education

  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Universal Design
  • Green benefits
  • Cost benefits to student and instructor
  • Effectiveness
  • Personalization

How it Works

Online and hybrid courses offer “face-to-face”, two-way communications both synchronously and asynchronously between CSUSB instructors and students. 


You don't have to go it alone! ATI offers e-learning, trainings, one-on-one consultations, QLT and QM certifications for your online and hybrid coursework to be the very best right out of the starting gate!