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Active Learning Labs

The active learning spaces are something we are particularly proud of at ATI. We have designed many classrooms across the CSUSB campus with even more in the works. Created with input from faculty, departments, and students, these spaces are driven by pedagogy.


Distance Learning

We help seamlessly provide course content across two campuses over 70 miles apart. Our San Bernardino Campus and our Palm Desert Campus are able to participate in class together through our distance learning options.

What is offered

Distance Learning Rooms allow interactive “face-to-face” two-way communications between CSUSB San Bernardino Campus and Palm Desert Campus. It allows the integration of standard teaching tools and media into the curriculum, with the ability to record and archive course sessions for on-demand distribution. There is no charge for facility usage for instructionally-related activities.

Distance Learning Rooms

PFAU Library 013

Seats 80-100
No student computers
Network ISDN/H.323(IP)

PFAU Library 025

Seats 45
No student computers
Network ISDN/H.323(IP)

PFAU Library 045

Seats 20
20 student computers
Network ISDN/H.323(IP)

Teaching in the Distance Learning Rooms

For room availability, events, and courses, please contact Thinh Ly by phone at (909) 537-5624 or by email at Once course availability is confirmed, please contact the Academic Scheduling Department at (909) 537-5057 to reserve a room.

Features of the Instructor’s Station:

  • PC computer
  • Document camera (if requested)
  • Smart monitor (if requested)
  • Laptop connections 
  • Designed for sitting and standing users (for versatility and ADA compliance)

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