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We drive innovation here at CSUSB and we are proud of the technologies we pilot that make their way into the classroom through the collaborations we participate in. 

We inspire hope every day in our team members so that they can embrace the vision of our University and use their passion for the greater good. Dr Sam Sudhakar CIO


How can I innovate?

Share your vision and we will work with you to make it a reality!


We are here to...

We support and promote effective and engaging learning environments by exploring comprehensive solutions that provide user-friendly and innovative technology-enabled environments for all types of learning.

Innovation FAQs

What innovative solutions do you have for different types of learners?

There are great strides in research and practice in this area, with responsive algorithms to personalize course content for students. Learn more about adaptive learning.

Is there a study on innovation in the classroom?

Yes! The Horizon Report is the longest running exploration of emerging technology supporting teaching, learning and creative inquiry. Read more about the Horizon Report.

What is innovation?

Innovation is where ideas and creativity meet to devise better solutions to unmet or unarticulated needs.

How do I innovate?

Contact ATI! We are here to help make faculty's vision for an innovative classroom come to life!

How do I get started innovating?

The best way to get started is to dream big, thinking about what your teaching may benefit from that isn't currently available. Then...reach out to ATI through the contact form and we can help take your idea to the next level!

What Pilot programs are you looking for? Currently have running?

We are piloting new innovations all the time. Contact us, follow us, and/or attend our ATI events and learn more about what we are running and what is on the horizon next!

Top Wireless Tech Trends to Watch

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By Rhea Kelly New forms of wireless technology are poised to enable emerging tech such as robots, drones, self-driving vehicles and more, according

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Campus Technology Report: Emerging Tech

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By Sara Friedman. While students are starting to gain more access to augmented/virtual reality headsets and 3D printers, a new report from Educause

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2019 Faculty Showcase a Success!

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The 2019 faculty showcase was a great success with 11 faculty members giving compact five-minute ignite-style presentations on their work. &nb

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The 2019 Horizon Report is Out!


The Horizon Project and subsequent report can be regarded as education’s longest-running exploration of emerging technology trends that support teachi

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Have you seen a lightboard?

Have you seen a lightboard?

Lightboards are an incredibly innovative new way to provide information to students in a compelling, visual, fun way. ATI is a leader in developing an

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Top of the line VR technology

Top of the line VR technology

Our ATI team works with cutting edge technology to develop new learning technologies for today and tomorrow.

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