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Course Certification

Have you considered taking the quality of your online or blended courses to the next level? ATI has useful information about certifying your course. Contact us and we can discuss the differences between the two review instruments, the CSU Quality Learning with Technology (QLT) and the nationally-recognized Quality Matters (QM), and how your team of instructional design specialists at Academic Technologies & Innovation and your Quality Assurance Campus Coordinator can help you get started.


Certified faculty can attest to how their commitment to online instructional quality enhanced the learning experience for their students. Certified faculty are also recognized each year at our Faculty Showcase.

Types of Certification

Course certification can include the following offered by the CSU Chancellor's office and supported by ATI:

  • QLT The Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT; formerly QOLT) program was developed to assist faculty, faculty developers, and instructional designers to more effectively design and deliver online, blended, and flipped courses (e.g., Quality Assurance). The Quality Learning and Teaching evaluation instrument was developed after review of related research and literature, as well as careful consideration of existing models for assessing effective online teaching and learning. Read more about Quality Learning and Teaching.

  • QM The Quality Matters program is a faculty-centered, peer-review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components. The primary components of QM include a set of standards (rubric) for the design of online courses, a peer-review process for applying the standards to provide feedback for faculty in the continuous improvement of their online and blended courses, and professional development opportunities for faculty. The QM process certifies the design of courses as meeting shared standards of best practice. Read more about Quality Matters.