Faculty Development

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We have a world of innovative technology resources for faculty here at ATI. We are a resource to full time, part-time, tenure line, lecturer or adjunct. Come talk to us, we can help you open new doors of learning, innovation, and technology!


Do I need this?

We have tools that can make tedious processes automate, and resources to make grand visions come to life. 


Faculty Development looks like...

Our certifications, tools, programs, resources and annual faculty showcase elevate the work of faculty who innovate.

Faculty Development FAQs

I'm part-time faculty. Am I a person you will work with?

Yes! We serve people teaching classes at all levels and at all stages in their careers!

Fall ATI workshops


We invite CSUSB faculty to register here for any or all of the following Academic Technologies & Innovation useful workshops:

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Playposit Workshop


Workshop description Instructors can use interactive videos for assessment, engagement, and reflective purposes. Two powerful tools to create and eva

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