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ATI at a Glance

ATI is at the forefront of innovation and academic technology in so many ways. Get to know more about who we are and how we might be able to ignite a new pedagogical spark for you and your students.

What is ATI?

Academic Technology & Innovation is a driver of new technology in the classroom and across the CSUSB campus, driven by pedagogy and led by experts.

Having helped many faculty and students, ATI empowers you to get the most out of your journey as an educator and learner.

ATI at a Glance

3,576 Students - In just one ATI program alone the Alternative Learning Solutions saved 3,576 students over $432,000.

  • 1 VR world with collaboration from 4 departments
  • 167 Courses assisted and improved with ATI’s help
  • 634 Faculty served
  • $432,000 saved in free and low cost books by 3,576 students in just the alternative learning $olutions program sponsored by ATI

Annual Report Archive

Dive deep into who we are at ATI and what it is that we do at scale.

Let ATI be your lighthouse!

Let ATI be your lighthouse!

ATI is a resource for all those at CSUSB. Please explore our website with a creative and open mind and let us be of service to you in creating the cla

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Our Assistant Director James Trotter

Assistant Director James Trotter

James Trotter is a longtime CSUSB staff member and a highly valued leader in the ATI team.

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