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ASUA - Computer Lab

ASUA Computer Lab, UH-347

Academic Success and Undergraduate Advising uses one room, UH-347, that is designated as the computer lab. The lab is equipped with Windows computers and the entrance is on the main hallway before you reach our office. Students can browse the Internet and check their e-mail accounts. We use the Coyote One card system for printing just like the library. All printing is done on high-quality laser printers.

Lab Hours:

M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm


You can print remotely to our printers:uh351print1, uh351print2, uh351color1. The first 2 print with black toner and uh351color1 prints in color. Use the HotSpot Printing Service for Remote (wireless) printing.

Information about adding value to your Coyote OneCard is available on the Library's website. This also includes information about purchasing a Cash Value/Visitor card, which is only available in the Library.


Lab Rules

During posted hours you can ask for assistance from our Information Technology Consultant, his office is inside the computer lab in UH-348 and his hours are posted next to the door.

Computers and printers are primarily for use to generate papers for classes and other academic priorities for students of this campus. Students should not use them to chat, play games, listen to music, or browse recreational sites such as Facebook unless required by classwork. Since the computer labs are for academic purposes only, students who access sites that the campus considers lewd, obscene or indecent may be in violation of both the university’s student conduct policies and its sexual harassment policies. Such incidents will be referred to the Student Judiciary Board. Students enrolled in pre-college programs — and all users under 18 years of age — are never allowed to use the computers to chat or to access inappropriate web sites.

The Computer Lab is considered to be an educational environment. Noisy and/or loud discussions or sounds are not allowed. Children are to be supervised at all times.

Food and non-sealable drink containers are not allowed in computer lab. Beverage containers are to be kept on the floor and sealed at all times.

Price per page is 15 cents for B&W and 60 cents for color. Money must be on your Coyote One card in order to print.

Due to frequent electrical problems, we encourage students to save their documents often. Students are completely responsible for the care of their documents and data. Students are responsible for saving and backing-up their documents and data properly. If needed students are responsible for getting help with saving and backing-up documents and data.

Staff are not responsible for property left in any of the labs or rooms. Forgotten or lost items found by staff will be sent to the ITC office UH-348.