Assessment & Continuous Improvement at CSUSB

The assessment of student learning allows for continuous improvement of the educational experience provided to our students. At CSUSB, we constantly and systematically evaluate how well our students learn, both inside and outside the classroom.

Using a multitude of measures, student learning outcomes are assessed on a regular basis at the institutional, general education, program and course levels. The findings of these assessment activities provide insight into how well student learning outcomes are met and inform ongoing efforts to improve programs and learning activities.

Although assessment of student learning permeates all areas of our academic programs and is carried out at all levels, it is organized into the categories of General Education, Annual Assessment of Academic Programs, and Program Review. Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) are utilized in the ongoing assessment of each of the academic degree programs at CSUSB and can be found in this linked file. The

(IEEI) is a summary document that identifies the assessment activities in which each program at CSUSB engages and serves as a key reporting tool to WSCUC (WASC Senior College and University Commission).

Faculty Assessment Coordinator

The Faculty Assessment Coordinator, reporting directly to the Deputy Provost and Vice Provost campus wide efforts to assess student learning and support a culture of quality and continuous improvement.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Chairs the Committee on Learning Assessment for Student Success (CLASS)
  • Leads the campus in developing a culture of assessment, in part through providing advice and feedback regarding class, program, and university level assessment efforts and "closing the loop"
  • Collaborates with the Student Affairs Assessment and Research Coordinator on assessment of co-curricular activities, student learning outcomes, institutional learning outcomes, and reporting for WASC related assessment
  • Works closely with relevant Senate committees to implement the program review process and campus-wide assessment
  • Develops and runs workshops and other training for campus stakeholders regarding processes and goals for assessment and program review
  • Provides guidance to departments and programs in their efforts to draw assessment plans and to conduct assessment activities
  • Provides guidance to departments and programs in their efforts to conduct program reviews and improvement plans
  • Collects and analyzes data related to a wide variety of institutional projects, institutional learning outcomes, student learning outcomes assessment, and accreditation
  • Coordinates with Institutional Effectiveness Research to collect and interpret meaningful data for departments, programs, and the WSCUC Accreditation Liaison Officer
  • Maintains relationships with colleagues throughout the system and region to discuss new trends in assessment and accreditation and develop partnerships for improving student learning
  • Coordinates with the General Education Coordinator on assessment matters
  • Maintains database and repository of assessment data and reports for Academic Programs, works closely with faculty, administration, and staff to lead.