Unit 11 Academic Student Employment Resources

Academic Student Employment at CSUSB

Students who are hired as Instructional Student Assistants (ISA), Graduate Assistants (GA), or Teaching Associates (TA) assist a professor with his/her class load through miscellaneous tasks such as conducting research, teaching, facilitating group discussions, grading papers, or tutoring. For more information, look at the Unit 11 CBA.  Multiple employment opportunities are available for CSUSB students all over campus. All student employment positions are at will positions.

Instructional Student Assistants (ISA)

Graduate Assistants (GA)

Teaching Associates (TA) 


Non-Academic Student Employment at CSUSB

Non-Academic Student Employees are not Unit 11 represented and are hired via Human Resources.

Student Assistants: This on-campus work program offers students the chance to explore and develop career related skills and gain professional experience. Anyone who is currently registered as a student at CSUSB and is in good academic standing may be eligible to work as a Student Assistant. 

Federal Work Study: Federal-work study is a federally funded financial aid program. It increases available part-time employment for students who need financial assistance while giving them the opportunity to gain practical work experience. Those who wish to work in the work-study program must be approved by the Financial Aid Office prior to being hired. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office.