Teaching Credential

Teaching Credential Program in English - Theatre Arts Concentration

Note: This program is being revised to meet the new CCTC standards. The requirements below apply only to students under the 2004-2005 or earlier catalog.

In order to be recommended for the teaching credential in English with a concentration in Theatre Arts (English subject matter program), students must complete the courses listed in the core of the B.A. in English (lower-division requirements 1-3, and upper-division requirements 1-7, see Page 182 in Bulletin of Courses 2011-12 ), as well as the following:

  1. Four units chosen from:
    • COMM 245. Introduction to TV and Video Production (4)
    • CSE 127. Introduction to Computer Technology for Educators (4)
  2. Four units chosen from:
    • ENG 312. Theories of Language Acquisition and Learning (4)
    • ENG 420. English Grammar I (4)
  3. Four units chosen from:
    • ENG 306. Expository Writing (4)
    • HUM 306. Expository Writing for the Humanities (4)
  4. Six units chosen from:
    • TA 131. Makeup for Stage and Screen (3)
    • TA 231. Sound for Stage and Screen (3)
    • TA 232. Lighting for Stage and Screen (3)
    • TA 233. Costume Construction (3)
    • TA 239. Stagecraft (3)
  5. TA 251. Acting I: Games and Exercises (3)
  6. TA 252. Acting II: Creating a Role (3)
  7. TA 351. Acting III: Scene Study (3)
  8. TA 346. Directing I (3)
  9. TA 581. Theatre in the Secondary Classroom (4)

Prior to student teaching, students must demonstrate subject matter competence as assessed by the Department of English. For information about the professional education component, prerequisites for and admission to the teacher education program, or specific requirements for the single subject credential program, see Page 170 or contact the Credentials Office, CE-102.

Note: Completing the requirements of the teaching credential in English with a concentration in Theatre Arts does NOT in itself satisfy the requirements for the major in either English or Theatre Arts.


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