Department of Theatre Arts
Performing Arts Building, Room 111
(909) 537-5876 theatre.csusb.edu

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts

with emphases in:
  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Design/Technical
  • Drama Education
  • Musical Theatre

Teaching Credential Program

  • English with a Theatre Arts Concentration


  • Film Studies
  • Script Writing
  • Theatre Arts

Certificate Program

  • Puppetry
  • Theatre for Youth

Master of Arts

  • Theatre Arts

The theatre arts major is a practical liberal arts degree. The broad range of subjects studied enable the theatre student to qualify for a wide variety of fields. Theatre majors are found in the professional areas of live theatre, film, television, corporate and media training, radio, public relations, advertising, business law, teaching, and higher education.

The diverse nature of theatre explores expressions of human interactions and conflict. This study develops intellectual awareness about the human condition. It helps develop skills for working as a theatre artist and as an individual who understands team work.

Liberal studies majors will benefit from a departmental philosophy that good theatre training is also excellent teacher training. Many courses in the department have no prerequisites, and they will help liberal studies students to prepare for careers in teaching.

The Theatre Arts Department produces five major plays during the academic year. The department also presents several student directed/designed productions. In addition, the department has touring groups including The Imagination Players, an elementary school tour; and the Sun Tour, multiethnic theme plays for high school and community college students.

In addition to acting and backstage opportunities, theatre students are encouraged to work with faculty as assistant directors, designers, stage managers, and in theatre administration. Theatre faculty encourage highly motivated and qualified students to develop their own creative efforts. New student play scripts and innovative approaches to theatre are strongly encouraged.

Theatre arts majors choose to concentrate in one of five areas once they have completed a common core of courses: acting, design/technical, drama education, dance, or musical theatre. Students interested in Theatre for Youth, see certificate program described on Page 357 in Bulletin of Courses 2011-12.