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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

  • Business Track
  • Communication Track
  • Hispanic Cultural Studies Track
  • Hispanic Literature, Language, and Civilization Track

Teaching Credential Program

  • Spanish


  • Spanish

Certificate Programs

  • Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Studies: Spanish/English
  • Spanish for Public Services

Master of Arts

  • Spanish

The study of Spanish at California State University, San Ber-nardino is based on the recognition that the Hispanic culture in the United States forms an integral part of American society, and that the Spanish language, far from being "foreign," is spoken in nearly all sections of our nation alongside of English. In some areas of Southern California as well as other parts of the United States, speakers of Spanish outnumber those who speak English. Moreover, the importance of the Hispanic culture in the United States is increasing daily as additional immigrants arrive from Latin America.

The knowledge of Spanish for those seeking employment in our region is critical for the fields of teaching, journalism, publishing, advertising, writing, business, law, law enforcement, government, health services, as well as other career opportunities. Even a basic knowledge of Spanish at the SPAN 103 level may increase the probability of employment for these and other fields.

For the non-major of Spanish, the Spanish faculty of the Department of World Languages and Literatures recommends that the student fulfill the general education requirement in the foreign language section by taking:

  • SPAN 103. College Spanish III (for those who had two years of high school Spanish)

For those advanced students of Spanish, one of the following courses would be an appropriate course to satisfy the general education requirement:

  • SPAN 201. Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 202. Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish III

Additional opportunities for the non-major of Spanish are also available. The Certificate in Spanish for Public Services provides critical skills in Spanish in the areas of speaking, translating and communication. The Certificate in Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Studies: Spanish/English familiarizes the student with the Hispanic culture in and outside of the United States. The Liberal Studies degree, for those prospective teachers of elementary children K-6, can be enhanced by taking the Spanish Studies Emphasis. This track allows the student to teach in both English and bilingual classrooms. The minor in Spanish, which can be combined with any non-Spanish major, gives the student additional experience in Hispanic culture, literature and linguistics. A double major of Spanish and another subject is also an option.

For the Spanish major, the study of all aspects of Hispanic civilization is available, in both lower and upper-division classes. Those desiring to teach Spanish at the high school level as well as all other students in the program will receive a solid preparation in the culture and language of Spain and Latin America, as well as the Hispanic community within the United States.

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