Course Offerings


Lower Division

203. American Government
Political structure and processes of the American governmental system. This course meets the state code requirements in U.S. Constitution and state and local government. (GE=D2) (4 units)
204. International Relations
A survey of major regions and ideologies of the world, and of the basic concepts of foreign and security policies, international political economy, international law, and international organizations. (4 units)

Upper Division

300. Western Political Systems
Major Western political systems. (4 units)
301. African Politics
Comparative examination of domestic and foreign politics of African governments (4 units)
304. East European Political Systems
Comparative examination of the domestic and foreign policies of East European states. Formerly a topic under PSCI 540. (4 units)
305. East Asian Politics
Comparative examination of domestic and foreign politics of East Asian governments. Formerly a topic under PSCI 540. (4 units)
306. Developing Political Systems
Political systems, governmental structures, political orientation and foreign policies of developing nations. (4 units)
308. Government and Politics of the Middle East
Governmental and political structures of representative states in the Middle East, including Turkey, Israel, and the Arab States. (4 units)
310. Classical Political Thought
Classical political thought through a consideration of representative political thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Thucydides, Cicero, Lucretius. (4 units)
311. Foundations of Modern Political Thought
Major political ideas of the early modern period ranging from Machiavelli through Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau and Burke. (4 units)
313. Modern Political Thought
Major political ideas of the nineteenth century. (4 units)
314. American Political Thought
American political ideas from the colonial period to the present. This course meets the state code requirement in U.S. history. (4 units)
315. Post Modern Political Thought
Major political ideas of the twentieth century. (4 units)
320. The Legislative Process
Law-making processes in the United States and/or other selected political systems. (4 units)
325. American Foreign Policy
Political analysis of American foreign policy with emphasis on foreign policy making in the nuclear age. (4 units)
326. Political Parties and Interest Groups
Organization, objectives and activities of political parties and political interest groups and their functions in modern political systems. (4 units)
328. Judicial Process
Process of judicial decision-making with emphasis on factors influencing that process and concepts of judicial roles. (4 units)
330. State and Local Politics
Comparison of state and local political systems within the American Federal System. This course meets the state code requirement in state and local government. (4 units)
332. California Government
The California Constitution, government and political institutions. This course is specifically designed to meet the state code requirement in state and local government. (2 units)
340. Sex and Politics
Emphasis will be on sex roles in traditional and modern political systems, sex stereotypes in politics; effects of changing technology on conventional male and female roles; dynamics of change affecting the woman's place in the political world. (4 units)
342. The Politics of Environment
Environmental problems in their political context, including air, water, thermal and noise pollution, solid waste, population growth, resource management, and the political costs and benefits of environmental protection. (4 units)
352. Minority Politics
Minority groups in the American political system. May be repeated as topics change.
  1. Ethnic Politics. Study of immigration with emphasis on the political development of major civil rights activities in the U.S. (4 units)
  2. African American Politics. Perspectives, styles, problems and dynamics of political activity in African American communities. (4 units)
  3. Latino Politics. Contemporary issues and public policy questions in the Latino/Chicano communities. (4 units)
  4. Asian American Politics. Political factors affecting the Asian American communities. (4 units)
  5. Native American Politics. Political factors affecting Native American communities. (4 units)
375. Introduction to Political Science Research
Basic ideas and research topics used by political scientists with topics to include theory construction, research design, quantitative methods and philosophy of science. Prerequisites: PSCI 314 and MATH 110. (4 units)
380. Introduction to Public Administration
An introduction to the purposes, methods and characteristics of public management, including organization of public services, roles and relationships of public administrators, accountability and the achievement of public goals. (Also offered as PA 380. Students may not receive credit for both.) (4 units)
400. International Politics
Selected theories and evolving patterns of international politics as developed within the nation-state system. (4 units)
410. American Constitutional Law
Principles of the American Constitution as announced by the Supreme Court in selected cases. Judicial review, separation of powers, presidential power, federalism and commerce are included. This course meets the state code requirement in the U.S. Constitution. (4 units)
411. The Bill of Rights
Limitation on federal and state power arising out of the provisions of the first eight and the 14th Amendments to the Constitution. Modern developments are stressed. This course meets the state code requirement in the U.S. Constitution. (4 units)
412. Civil Rights
Jurisprudence of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments as articulated by the U.S. Supreme Court. (4 units)
431. The American Presidency
Office and institution of the presidency of the United States. (4 units)
484. National Security Policy
Introduction to concepts and principles of national security policy through an examination of topics in international relations, foreign policy, arms control, strategic thought and alliance strategy. (4 units)
500. International Law
Historical basis and present trends in the development of international law. (4 units)
510. International Organization
History, structure and dynamics of the United Nations and other multi-national organizations. (4 units)
520. War and Politics
The study of the origins and political consequences of war. (4 units)
525. Constitutional Interpretation
Examination of theories and approaches to constitutional interpretation. (4 units)
528. Formulation of Public Policy
Approaches to public policy analysis, emphasizing interaction between substance and process in policy development. Formerly PSCI 428. (4 units)
530. Studies in Political Theory
Concentrated study of one political theorist or one subject in political theory. May be repeated for credit as topics change. (4 units)
535. Seminar in Constitutional Law
Intensive study in one or more aspects of constitutional law. May be repeated as topics change. Prerequisite: one of the following: PSCI 328, 410, 411, HIST 540 or consent of instructor. (4 units)
540. Seminar in Comparative Politics
Theories, methods, and paradigms of comparative politics. May be repeated as topics change. (4 units)
560. Intergovernmental Relations
Administrative and political dynamics of relationships among national, state and local units of government. (4 units)
571. Organization of U.S. Intelligence
A self-paced study course providing detailed information about the structure, procedures and organizational principles behind the U.S. intelligence community. (1 unit)
575. Internship in Political Science
Supervised work and study in public and private organizations. May be repeated once for credit. Graded credit/no credit. Prerequisites: consent of instructor and department. (2-4 units)
590. Seminar in International Relations
Intensive study of some phase of foreign policy-making or international relations to be developed by instructor with class. May be repeated for credit as topics change. (4 units)
592. Seminar in Government
An intensive study of some phase of government to be developed by instructor with class. May be repeated for credit as topics change. (4 units)
595. Independent Study
Special topics involving library and/or field research. A total of eight units in PSCI 595 may be applied toward graduation. Prerequisites: a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0, consent of instructor and departmental approval of a written proposal of a project submitted by the first week of the quarter in which the course is to be taken. (2-4 units)
597. Senior Honors Thesis
In-depth research culminating in a written thesis. Written proposals may be submitted by seniors with a 3.5 grade point average in all political science courses. Enrollment is limited to those students whose proposals are approved by a faculty member with consent of the chair. (4 units)

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