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Department of Music
Performing Arts Building, Room 111
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Bachelor of Arts

  • Music with emphases in:
    • Commercial Music
    • Music Education
    • Performance/Composition
    • General Music Studies
    • Music Technology
    • Musical Theatre
    • Ethnomusicology
    • Music History

Teaching Credential Program

  • Music


  • Jazz Studies
  • Music
  • Recording Arts

The contemporary musician has a potential access to more kinds of music than ever before in history. The music curriculum—with courses in electronic music, performance, world music, historical studies, music education and integrated theory—reflects that diversity in that it offers programs for the student who wishes to enter the teaching profession, become a professional musician, pursue an advanced degree, or simply enrich his or her education.

Placement in the B.A. in Music is based on: 1) a theory placement examination (proficiency in music fundamentals equal to that of MUS 100 and 101), 2) a piano proficiency audition, and 3) an applied music audition (performance proficiency equal to collegiate applied music at the 140-145 level).

Applied instruction is available only to declared music majors. Students entering the Composition Emphasis will be required to complete one year of applied vocal or instrumental music instruction (MUS 140-145) prior to acceptance into applied composition instruction (MUS 246). Students entering the Music Technology Emphasis will be required to complete two years of applied vocal or instrumental music instruction. (MUS 140-145 and MUS 240-245) prior to acceptance into applied technology instruction (MUS 348).

Students whose performance competencies are deemed deficient by the music faculty will be required to enroll in preparatory applied music instruction (at the 80-85 level). Students will be permitted to enroll in preparatory applied music instruction for a total of three units. Units awarded for preparatory applied music instruction are not applicable to the music program nor a baccalaureate degree. These courses are graded credit/no credit.

Students may enroll in a maximum of six quarter units at any one collegiate level of applied instruction (MUS 140-145, 240-246, 340-348, or 440-448). After six quarters at one level, students unable to satisfy completion requirements for that level will be counseled to select a major in a different discipline and will be denied enrollment in any higher level of applied instruction.

Music majors will be required to present a public senior recital or project. Students accepted into the Performance/Composition Emphasis will be required to present a junior recital or project. The presentation of a recital or project must be approved by the faculty at least 10 weeks prior to the proposed presentation date. At that time a list of probable repertoire or outline of the project must be submitted. Four weeks prior to the public performance, the student will present the proposed recital or project for faculty approval.

All students enrolled as full-time music majors are required to participate each quarter until graduation in a major performing ensemble most appropriate to a student's applied emphasis.

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