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As the role of mathematics in society continues to grow, the value of a solid foundation in mathematics increases. The Department of Mathematics offers four bachelor degrees. The Bachelor of Arts, Teaching Track is recommended by the department for prospective secondary mathematics teachers. Exceptionally well prepared students may undertake the integrated teaching track option, which includes the course work for a Single Subject Teaching Credential. The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is particularly suitable for students contemplating graduate work, either in mathematics or a related field. The Bachelor of Arts (non teaching track) degree is appropriate for students pursuing a mathematics-related career other than teaching.

Additionally, double majors are not uncommon since the Department of Physics and School of Computer Science and Engineering work closely with the Department of Mathematics in structuring their mathematically based courses.

The department offers two graduate degrees. The Master of Arts degree emphasized mathematical content courses and is appropriate for those planning a career in teaching at the junior college level, or those considering further graduate work. The Master of Arts in Teaching offers a curriculum of combined mathematics and pedagogy courses, making it ideal for middle and high school mathematics teachers. The emphasis is on deepening and broadening the student's knowledge of the mathematics that underlies the high school curriculum. Core courses for both programs are offered in the evening to accommodate the working student. For information on these degrees, see Page 506 in the 2012-2014 Bulletin of Courses.

In many ways mathematics functions as a universal language in today's global culture. Upper-division students are encouraged to participate in the California State University's International Programs. For further information, see Page 20 in the 2012-2014 Bulletin of Courses.

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