Department of History
Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 327F
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Bachelor of Arts

  • History - Track A (Teaching Track)
  • History - Track B
  • History - Track C (Public and Oral History Option)

Teaching Credential Program

  • Single Subject


  • History

History has been called the "extension of memory" which enables one to utilize past experiences. The study of history nurtures and refines a broad spectrum of skills which make not only for good historians and teachers, but for good workers in many fields where men and women are sought who can read critically, analyze and write. In fact, while teaching and research have traditionally been the avenues history majors have followed, a multitude of career opportunities has always existed for those who like history but do not wish to become teachers. The skills history majors learn and refine in thinking, research, problem defining and solving, speaking and writing-in conjunction with skills acquired from other selected courses-ideally suit them for positions in the business world and with governmental agencies.

The History Department has developed a major that can be completed by taking one of three tracks: Track A (designed for students wishing to be history teachers), Track B (designed for students interested in any of the other fields open to History majors), and Track C (designed to provide skills and training in historical methodologies for public and oral history professionals in museums, archives, libraries, historic houses and such). Each track includes courses that provide surveys of United States and world history, and an introduction to the nature of historical study. To meet the remainder of the requirements for Track A, students are required to take a number of other courses in history and from among the other social science fields. To meet the remainder of the requirements for Track B, students are required to choose from a wide spectrum of courses in an area of concentration. To meet the remainder of the requirements for Track C, students are required to choose from a variety of professional courses that prepare individuals for careers in a range of fields such as museums, archives, historic preservation, oral history, historic homes and parks.

Currently, the department consists of faculty specializing in the areas of American, European, African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin American history.

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