Teaching Credential

The B.S. in Health Science, Integrated Teaching Track is the appropriate choice for all students who want to teach health science in schools. It meets the requirements for secondary teaching level major in Health Science. Students wishing to be recommended for a single subject teaching credential in Health Science must complete the requirements for this track as well as certain prerequisites to the teacher education program. For information about the professional education component, admission to the teacher education program, or specific requirements for the single subject waiver program, see Page 170 in Bulletin of Courses 2011-12 or contact the Credentials Office, CE-102.

For teachers needing to clear their credential, the following course meets the Single Subject Waiver Requirement for Health:

  • HSCI 540. School Health Programs and Practices

For teachers wishing to add Health Science as a Supplemental Authorization to their existing credential, the following coursework is required:

  • HSCI 310. Health and Human Sexuality
  • HSCI 342. Nutrition for Your Health
  • HSCI 364. Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse

For more information please visit our website. Department of Health Science and Human Ecology