Accredited by the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council; California Department of Public Health-Environmental Health Specialist Registration Committee (Environmental Health Science Option) SABPAC Approved (Public Health Education)

Department of Health Science and Human Ecology
Physical Sciences Building, Room 226
(909) 537-5339 http://health.csusb.edu/

Bachelor of Science

  • Health Science
    with concentrations in:
    • Environmental Health Science
    • Health Care Management
    • Public Health Education
  • Health Science - Integrated Teaching Track
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences

Teaching Credential Preparation Program

  • Health Science


  • Health Science
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences

Master of Public Health

Master of Science

  • Health Services Administration

Certificate Programs

  • Gerontology
  • Health Care Management


  • Audiometrist Certification

The Department of Health Science and Human Ecology provides courses of instruction for personal growth, community service, intellectual stimulation, and professional career opportunities in the public health and environmental fields. The department emphasizes an ecological approach to health and attempts to provide students with the tools necessary to understand factors contributing to the promotion of general health and well-being, and elimination of population health disparities.

The Department of Health Science and Human Ecology offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Sciences. Students seeking a major in Nutrition and Food Sciences should see Page 308 for the description of this degree. In addition, the department offers a Master of Science in Health Services Administration, (see Page 496 in Bulletin of Courses 2011-12 ) and a Master of Public Health, (see Page 531 in Bulletin of Courses 2011-12 ). The department also offers certificates in several specialized areas.

A Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a given concentration is appropriate for students preparing to become health professionals, those who want to be health educators or health administrators, or those desiring to work in environmental protection agencies, private businesses, industrial hygiene, and safety. The program also is designed to provide a career ladder opportunity for persons currently engaged in public health and environmental occupations or preparing for graduate work in medicine, public health, allied health, and social or natural sciences.

The department offers a blend of traditional and modern approaches to education and career development in the health science field. It encourages multidisciplinary orientation, community interaction, and a social outlook, and provides appropriate instruction in the health-related areas of science. In their senior year, students intern in community agencies such as health departments, hospitals, industrial plants, environmental improvement agencies, and consumer affairs offices, thus combining theory and practice.

The Environmental Health Science Concentration is the appropriate choice for students who want to become health inspectors (i.e., Registered Environmental Health Specialists), industrial hygienists, or hazardous waste control experts. For those who plan on becoming Registered Environmental Health Specialists, this concentration is approved by the Environmental Specialist Registration Committee of the California Department of Public Health. Students who are certified by the environmental health coordinator will have met the academic and experience requirements for admittance to the State Environmental Health Specialist Registration Examination.

The Public Health Education concentration prepares graduates for professional positions in county health departments and other public health agencies, community-based organizations, health care, tribal health, or international organizations, and for graduate programs in physician assistant, occupational therapy, and other allied health programs. This is a SABPAC approved program.

Pre-professional students of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or other science-related fields seeking a major in health science should see Page 65 in Bulletin of Courses 2011-12 and consult with a department advisor.

Students interested in fields such as health or environmental law, clinical chemistry, business, health physics, or any other academic discipline should complete the minimum requirements of the major and select appropriate electives in consultation with a department advisor.

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