Department of Geological Sciences
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Bachelor of Science in Geology

  • General Geology Option
  • Environmental Geology Option

Bachelor of Arts in Geology

  • Geology
  • Integrated Teaching Track

Master of Science

  • Earth and Environmental Sciences


  • Geology

The study of geology includes working to understand the physical and biological processes that affect and are recorded in rocks, minerals, and earth materials; and using that information to decipher the development of our planet. Much of the information geologists use is obtained by careful, systematic field work, which is an inherent requirement for geological studies.

Geology is a broad science that integrates with other classical sciences and disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, and geography. Coursework in those disciplines, integrated within a geological framework, provides students with a broad, marketable understanding.

The B.S. degree is recommended for students planning to become professional geologists employed by environmental and geo-technical firms, governmental agencies, oil and mining companies and for those students planning to pursue a graduate degree in geology.

Both the B.S. and B.A. degrees are suitable for students planning a career in K-12 science teaching or environmental law. Students should be aware that additional science courses beyond the B.S. and B.A. are recommended to prepare for the CSET exam. Students interested in teaching can also enter the B.A. in Geology Integrated Teaching Track and graduate with both a B.A. and a teaching credential.

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