Certificate Program

Certificates may be earned by regularly matriculated or extended learning students and denote successful completion of a prescribed program of study designed to a) impart specified professional/vocational/career competencies; or b) produce mastery of the content of a sub-field of an academic major (discipline); or c) provide exposure to the range of materials in a traditional or emerging interdisciplinary field. Certain certificate programs contain 600-level courses as requirements and/or electives. These 600-level courses may not be taken by undergraduate students. Candidates must receive two-thirds of their certificate-applicable credit from the university. The transferring of credit or the substitution of courses may occur only after application to the appropriate campus authority. See Page 60 for additional certificate information.

Certificate in French/English Translation

Certificate Requirements (30 units)

  1. Proficiency in French equal to that of FREN 103. College French III or equivalent.
  2. FREN 295. Intermediate Assessment (2)
  3. FREN 321. French for Translation I (4)
  4. FREN 322. French for Translation II (4)
  5. FREN 323. Commercial Translation (4)
  6. FREN 350. Advanced French Composition (4)
  7. Eight units chosen from:
    • FREN 270. Introduction to French Culture (4)
    • FREN 324. Technical Translation (4)
    • FREN 382. French Civilization II (4)
    • FREN 408. Introduction to French Advertising (4)
    • FREN 460. Contemporary France (4)
    • FREN 461. Contemporary Issues in the Francophone World (4)
  8. Four units chosen from:
    • ENG 306. Expository Writing (4)
    • HUM 306. Expository Writing for the Humanities (4)
    • MGMT 306. Expository Writing for Administration (4)

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