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Accredited by ABET (B.S. in Computer Science)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

  • Bioinformatics (See Page 114 in the 2012-2014 Bulletin of Courses.)
  • Computer Engineering (see Page 144 in the 2012-2014 Bulletin of Courses.)
  • Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Systems

  • General Interdisciplinary Option
  • Game Development Option
  • Graphics Programming Option
  • Web Programming Option
  • System Administration Option


  • Computer Science

Certificate Program

  • Computer Systems and Programming

Master of Science

  • Computer Science

Computer science is a discipline with historical foundations in science, mathematics and engineering. It is concerned with the study of a variety of topics including computer design, computer programming, information processing, data communication, machine intelligence, robotics, the algorithmic solution of problems, and the various representations of information including numeric, alphabetic, visual, audio and sensory. This discipline deals with effective ways to represent and display information, algorithms to process information, languages in which to express algorithms, hardware systems to interpret such languages, theoretical techniques for insuring the accuracy and cost effectiveness of these processes and the philosophical foundations of computing and machine intelligence.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a degree program accredited by ABET/CAC guidelines, and as such provides both intellectual depth and breadth in the discipline of computer science. The program emphasizes both fundamentals of computer science and the skills required to apply computer science to application areas, as well as professional ethics. The objective of the program is to prepare the student upon graduation for: immediate entry into a programming, software engineering, systems and network administration or similar position in either the public or private sectors; or for graduate education in computer science or a closely related discipline leading to a Master or Doctoral degree. Graduates of the program have been successful both in industry and in graduate school.

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Systems program emphasizes the application of principles to practical problem solving in a domain of interest. Students complete a core set of foundation courses and coursework in one of the following concentrations: web programming, system administration, game development, graphics programming. Students also have the ability to combine the study of computer systems with another field of study through the general interdisciplinary option.

The Minor in Computer Science is designed to give students from all academic disciplines a foundation in computing which will enrich and support the student's own field of study.

The Certificate Program in Computer Systems and Programming is a short course of study provided for those individuals who desire a career in the computer science field which does not require a formal degree.

To stay ahead in today's increasingly competitive computer marketplace and to broaden each student's computer applications horizon, the department encourages student affiliation with the California State University's International Programs. For further information, see Page 20 in the 2012-2014 Bulletin of Courses.

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