Department of Communication Studies
University Hall, Room 018
(909) 537-5815      http://communication.csusb.edu

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

with concentrations in
  • Human Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Public Argumentation and Rhetoric
  • Public Relations

Teacher Preparation Program

  • English - Communication Studies Concentration


  • Communication
  • Film Studies
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Script Writing

Certificate Programs

  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Master of Arts
  • Communication Studies

Defined as "the creation, transmission and evaluation of messages," communication is a multifaceted discipline combining both academic and professional interests.

Through courses in communication, students learn to describe, interpret and evaluate the communication processes as they occur within and among individuals, groups, organizations and societies. Students explore problems in diverse media (platform, conference, print, radio, television, film, digital media), settings (family, industrial, professional, governmental) and contexts (racial, cultural, international).

The educational objectives established for the degree program in communication are the following terminal competencies: understand relationships between symbols and culture, discover information from its sources, describe characteristics of potential audiences, translate information into an audience's conceptual framework, transmit information/messages clearly in media appropriate to the audience, evaluate messages and their effects on audiences and appreciate the ethics of communication.

By the mid-1980s more than half of the country's gross national product was spent on information products and services. Communication is the means by which information is shared. The growth of communication studies reflects, in part, a growing technology permitting spoken language to move from the forum of Greece to the surface of the moon and around the planet in mere moments.

Communication majors enter careers in business and industry, government and social services, education, media and the professions in positions of public relations, marketing, teaching, sales, media production, writing, personnel, on-air media, advertising and training. Men and women across the ages have testified how the study of communication aided their personal and professional lives, whether they be persuaders, conciliators, diplomats, teachers and scholars, or researchers.

In today's world of changing and integrated communications technology, the department's curriculum reflects the belief that communication should be studied as a single discipline integrated into the liberal arts. Practica and internships support but do not substitute for a sound theoretical base. Internships are available on and off campus in the full range of communication professions.

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