Teaching Credential Program

Teaching Credential Subject Matter Preparation Program in Science: Chemistry

Chemistry majors pursuing a single subject teaching credential in science with a chemistry specialization will need to take the CSET Exam to verify subject matter competence. To prepare for the CSET exam, the following courses are recommended as part of, or in addition to the chemistry degree.

  1. ASTR 103. Descriptive Astronomy (5)
  2. Five units chosen from:
    • ASTR 311. A Cosmic Perspective of Earth (5)
    • GEOL 309. Earth: The Blue Planet (5)
  3. BIOL 200. Biology of the Cell (5)
  4. BIOL 201. Biology of Organisms (5)
  5. BIOL 202. Biology of Populations (5)
  6. GEOL 101. Physical Geology (5)
  7. GEOL 250. Historical Geology (5)
  8. NSCI 300. Science and Technology (4)

In addition, certain prerequisites and professional education courses are required. For information about admission to the teacher education program, education courses required, or the specific requirements of the single subject teaching credential in science program, See Page 170 or contact the Department of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education in the College of Education.

For more information please visit our website. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry