Requirements for the B.A. in Career & Technical Studies

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 180 quarter units of college credit:
    1. At least 45 of these units must be completed as a regularly enrolled student at this university;
    2. Note: Up to 105 quarter units of lower-division course work may be accepted as transfer credit from an accredited community college or other accredited postsecondary educational institutions.
    3. At least 60 of these units must be in upper-division course work;
    4. Eighty-two of these units must be in the area of general education as specified in the general education requirements, Page 68;
    5. Thirty-four to 45 of these units must result from Career and Technical Evaluation of Competency (CTEC) of the applicant's occupational and teaching experience;
    6. Forty of these units must be in the Career and Technical Studies courses;
    7. Twenty-four of these units will consist of electives;
  2. Students must earn a grade point average of 2.0 ("C") or better in all work attempted and 3.0 ("B") or better in all professional education courses attempted;
  3. Students must complete the upper-division writing requirement (EDUC 306);
  4. Students must complete the history, constitution and government requirements (see Page 71);
  5. Students must be recommended for graduation by the faculty of the university.

Career and Technical Studies courses (40 units)

  1. ECTS 335. Introduction to Career and Technical Studies (4)
  2. ECTS 435. Trends and Issues in Career and Technical Programs (4)
  3. ECTS 501. Principles and Methods for Teaching Designated Subjects (4)
  4. ECTS 502. Instructional Support for Teaching Designated Subjects (4)
  5. ECTS 503. Contemporary Issues in Teaching Designated Subjects (4)
  6. ECTS 504. Principles of Career and Technical Education (4)
  7. ECTS 518. Field Work in Designated Subjects (4)
  8. ECTS 519. Computer Applications for Career and Technical Educators (4)
  9. ECTS 520. Curriculum Development for Career and Technical Programs (4)
  10. ECTS 521. Assessing Student Progress (4)

Career and Technical Evaluation of Competency (CTEC) (34-45 units)

  1. The equivalent of 34-45 quarter units of experience must be verified through written examinations, portfolios, personal interviews, demonstrations, and/or other appropriate means of documentation.

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