Course Offerings


Upper Division

335. Introduction to Career and Technical Studies
Introduction to the history, philosophy, literature and organizations of comprehensive vocational, technical and occupational workforce development programs. Formerly EVOC 335. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (4 units)
435. Trends and Issues in Career and Technical Programs
Assessment of student's ability to integrate knowledge and demonstrate independent critical thinking skills through a capstone project relevant to Career and Technical Program subject matter content. Discussion of current trends and issues relevant to Regional Occupational Programs (ROP), adult education programs, and community college programs. Completion and submission of professional portfolio for Career and Technical Competency Evaluation (CTCE). Formerly EVOC 435. Prerequisites: ECTS 335, 501, 504, 520, and 521. (4 units)
501. Principles and Methods for Teaching Designated Subjects
Application of instructional methodology for designated subjects with emphasis on student performance objectives, lesson planning, teaching methods, educational materials, and evaluation techniques. Formerly EVOC 501. (4 units)
502. Instructional Support for Teaching Designated Subjects
Examination of instructional support for designated subjects with emphasis on program advisory committees, student placement, facilities planning, budgeting, student organizations, public relations, career advancement and educational philosophy. Formerly EVOC 502. Prerequisite: ECTS 501 or consent of instructor. (4 units)
503. Contemporary Issues in Teaching Designated Subjects
Examination of contemporary issues in designated subjects with emphasis on individual education plans, basic skills, school law, multicultural activities, special needs students, safety and performance assessment instruments. Formerly EVOC 503. Prerequisite: ECTS 501 or consent of instructor. (4 units)
504. Principles of Career and Technical Education
History, philosophy and social significance career and technical education, especially in California; the adult as a student; investigation of the theories and application of the principles of adult education. Formerly EVOC 504. (4 units)
505. Instructional Materials for English Language Learners
Examination of principles and theories for teaching English Language Learners. Emphasis on application of pedagogical and andragogical methodology to design and develop course materials to promote linguistic, academic, and social proficiency. Prerequisites: ECTS 501 and 519 or consent of instructor. Formerly EVOC 505. (4 units)
508. Organization and Structure of Career and Technical Programs
Investigation and application of principles of facility planning, budgeting, funding sources and related topics as they apply to career and technical programs. Formerly EVOC 508. Corequisites: ECTS 509 and 510. (4 units)
509. Personnel Management in Career and Technical Programs
Principles of personnel selection, evaluation, supervision, school law, and related topics as they apply to career and technical programs. Formerly EVOC 509. Corequisites: ECTS 508 and 510. (4 units)
510. Field Work in Coordination and Supervision of Career and Technical Programs
Supervised field work in supervision and coordination of career and technical programs. Students will contract to perform administrative tasks related to site-based instructional programs. Formerly EVOC 510. Corequisites: ECTS 508 and 509. (4 units)
518. Field Work in Designated Subjects
Supervised field work for the Designated Subjects Teaching Credential. Includes lesson planning and instructional delivery in an actual teaching environment with evaluation of teaching performance by the on-site supervisor. Formerly EVOC 518. Prerequisites or corequisites: ECTS 501 and consent of instructor. (4 units)
519. Computer Applications for Career and Technical Educators
Application of personal computers to prepare written, graphic, data base, telecommunication and interactive media materials that accommodate diverse populations in career and technical education with an emphasis on English learner needs. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory. Lecture and laboratory sections must be taken concurrently. Formerly EVOC 519. (4 units)
520. Curriculum Development for Career and Technical Programs
Theory and principles of curriculum development as they apply to vocational, occupational and professional courses. Students will develop a complete curriculum for a course that they could teach. Formerly EVOC 520. Prerequisite: ECTS 501 or its equivalent. (4 units)
521. Assessing Student Progress
The development and use of evaluation instruments such as written tests, and criterion-referenced and norm-referenced evaluations. Formerly EVOC 521. Prerequisite: ECTS 501 or consent of instructor. (4 units)
522. Directing and Managing Occupational Programs
Principles and techniques of design, implementation, management and evaluation of training organizations and programs. Formerly EVOC 522. Prerequisites: ECTS 520 and MGMT 302 or PSYC 302. (4 units)
523. Learning Theory and Instructional Research Applied to Adult Learners
Application of psychological principles to learning processes relevant to adult learners. Focus is on informed decisions about psycho-educational designs which will maximize individual development in cognitive, affective, conative, and psychomotor areas. Formerly EV OC 523. (4 units)
542. Seminar in Vocational Education
Intensive study of topics and problems in education. May be repeated for credit as subject matter changes and with consent of instructor. Formerly EVOC 542. Prerequisite: graduate standing or consent of instructor. (1-4 units)

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