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Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language, Literature and Culture


  • Arabic


  • Arabic

The study of Arabic at CSUSB combines training in language, literature, culture and contemporary affairs of the Arab world. It develops students' understandings, perspectives and attitudes of Arab-speaking cultures and people. The program is carefully crafted to allow participants to enrich and broaden their academic training by drawing from disciplines related to and in high-need in the Arab World such as Anthropology, Communication, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Health Care, History, International Business and Law, Linguistics, Political Science, Social Studies, etc.

A major in Arabic provides a strong and competitive professional background and opens career opportunities especially when combined with an appropriate second major, a teaching credential or a specialized graduate degree.

Graduates with Arabic have found employment in education, international business, foreign trade and banking, government services, science and technology, and the tourism industry. Some careers require additional education or experience yet many positions are available for graduates regardless of academic discipline.

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