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Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology


  • Anthropology

Certificate Programs

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Latin American Studies
  • Museum Studies

The study of anthropology promotes an understanding of self and all humankind by exploring the human condition at all times and in all places. In the modern world in which every society depends upon other societies, ignorance of the goals, values and ways of life of others may become a fear leading to discrimination and racism in the community or to war and oppression between nations. The challenges of desert life for the Australian Aborigine and the problems of contemporary ghetto existence are of equal interest to the anthropologist, and courses in these topics and world ethnography are offered by the Anthropology Department. Human physical and cultural evolution, the distribution and significance of cultural differences, the history and ecology of specific areas, and the role of language in culture are treated in courses in physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology and prehistory, and linguistics.

Participation in The California State University's International Programs is one way students can experience other cultures first-hand. For further information, see Page 20 of the 2012-2014 Bulletin of Courses.

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