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Bachelor of Arts in American Studies

The American Studies major provides students with a broad introduction to American culture. The major incorporates course work from a variety of disciplines, and it encourages students to recognize the diversity of our culture. Consequently, American Studies is an appropriate program for those students who wish to be informed citizens as well as for those who also are looking for a useful context for careers in education, government, law, library work and related fields.

The major consists of a basic set of requirements in American literature, art and history. These requirements provide students with a historical overview of the culture as well as the investigative methods for understanding that culture. Related electives allow students to pursue their individual interests. This degree totals 72 units. Students who are interested in earning a teaching credential in either multiple subject or a single subject should consult the section, "Basic Teaching Credentials," in the 2012-2014 catalog on page 165.

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