Requirements (32 units)

  1. History of Philosophy Eight units chosen from:
    • PHIL 311. Ancient Philosophy (4)
    • PHIL 313. History of Modern Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality (4)
    • PHIL 314. History of Modern Philosophy: Ethics and Politics (4)
    • PHIL 410. Advanced Issues in History of Philosophy (4)
  2. Metaphysics/Knowledge Eight units chosen from:
    • PHIL 380. Metaphysics (4)
    • PHIL 385. Theory of Knowledge (4)
    • PHIL 386. Philosophy of Science (4)
    • PHIL 387. Philosophy of Language (4)
    • PHIL 485. Advanced Issues in Metaphysics and Knowledge (4)
  3. Value theory Four units chosen from:
    • PHIL 350. Ethics (4)
    • PHIL 361A Social and Political Philosophy: Classical Political Theories (4)
    • PHIL 361B. Social and Political Philosophy: Themes in Social and Political Philosophy (4)
    • PHIL 460. Advanced Issues in Value Theory (4)
  4. Twelve units of electives chosen from philosophy courses; with at most four elective units at the 100- or 200-level; PHIL 200 must be included among these courses unless taken to satisfy the GE Critical Thinking (A4) requirement.
    • No 100- or 200-level course used to satisfy a General Education requirement will be included among courses which count toward the minor. No course counts in more than one category of the minor; however, for courses such as the Advanced Issues courses which can be repeated with different topics, the different topics may apply in different categories.