Requirements (24 units)

The minor in Education addresses the academic study of education in a social and cultural context. The minor is open to students in any major and is intended to be of value to students interested in becoming teachers or pursuing graduate study in Education but also for students interested in social policy issues in general. It does not focus on methods of teaching, which are addressed in post-baccalaureate credential programs in the College of Education.

Lower division requirement (4 units)

  1. EDUC 250. Democracy and Education (4).

Upper division requirements (20 units)

  1. Twenty units chosen from:
    • EDUC 310. Education and Contemporary Culture (4)
    • EDUC 320. Diversity in Education (4)
    • EDUC 330. Education and Special Populations (4)
    • EDUC 340. Social Class Poverty and Education (4)
    • EDUC 350. History of Schooling (4)
    • EDUC 360. Education for Peace and Nonviolence (4)