Studio Art and Design M.F.A. Degree Requirements (90 units)

  1. ART 595. Independent Study (1-5) for a total of (5)
  2. ART 604. Graduate Studio in Art (5) for a total of (30)
  3. ART 617. Graduate Seminar in Critical Theory and Methodology (4)
  4. ART 618. Graduate Seminar in Contemporary Art Issues and Practices (4)
  5. ART 620D. Graduate Studio Critique (4) for a total of (24)
  6. ART 630. Professional Practices in the Visual Arts (4)
  7. ART 695. Master's Project (5)
  8. Art History Elective (4) to be approved by the graduate coordinator.
  9. Ten units of electives appropriate to the student's goals. Courses may be chosen from upper-division offerings of any department in the university subject to prior approval by the student's area advisor and the Art Department graduate coordinator.


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