School of Social Work
Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 423
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Master of Social Work

Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education

The School of Social Work offers courses leading to the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree and is designed to provide for the education of advanced social work practitioners. The program is based upon the requirements of the Council on Social Work Education, the national accrediting body for social work programs.

The MSW program is structured into two models: Model (1) offers six quarters of course work leading to the MSW degree within two academic years. This option is intended for students who can devote their time and attention to full-time, intensive study. Model (2) offers the same course work over three academic years. It must be emphasized that an MSW program is very demanding of time and energy and requires 1080 hours of supervised placement in an agency Monday through Friday in the daytime over two academic years. Model (2) is not designed for students who must work 40 hours per week. It is necessary for these students to reduce their hours of employment.

The MSW program comprises a Foundation and Advanced curriculum. Students must complete all Foundation and Advanced classes. Both the Foundation and the Advanced curriculum is divided into micro and macro social work practice. The micro practice sequence of courses prepares students to work with individuals, families and groups. The macro practice sequence of courses prepares students to work with organizations and communities with an integrated focus on policy practice.

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