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May not be taken by undergraduate students.

600. Social and Cultural Perspectives in the Social Sciences
The relationship of values, behavior, social setting, and environment in the analysis of human interaction. Both intracultural and crosscultural perspectives will be addressed in light of sociological and anthropological theories. Substantive and methodological contributions will be presented. Laboratory will provide students with hands-on research skills component. Four hours lecture and two hours laboratory. (5 units)
695. Directed Graduate Studies
Graduate-level independent study for students in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies; to be conducted under direct supervision of a faculty member from the student's committee and, if an interdisciplinary studies major, with approval of the committee on graduate education and consent of the Dean of Graduate Studies. (1-6 units)
697. Comprehensive Examination
Assessment of the student's ability to apply the theories, methods and understanding of the social sciences to the phenomena of globalization. Prerequisites: approval of the department, completion of a minimum of two thirds of the course work in the master's program, and in good academic standing. (2 units)
698. Continuous Enrollment for Graduate Candidacy Standing
Independent study leading to completion of requirements (other than course work) for the master's degree. To retain classified standing in the master's program, a student must enroll in 698 each quarter until the project or thesis is accepted or the comprehensive examination passed. Cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements. Students who enroll in 698 through the university have full use of all university facilities. See Page 370, Culminating Experience: Exam, Thesis, or Project. Prerequisites: advancement to candidacy and approval of program graduate coordinator or, if an interdisciplinary studies major, consent of the Dean of Graduate Studies. 698 is a variable unit course, see Page 43 for fee schedule. Earned units are not degree-applicable nor will they qualify for financial aid. (0-6 units)
699. Thesis
Independent graduate research resulting in thesis and successful defense. Prerequisites: advancement to candidacy and consent of program coordinator. (4 units)

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