Department of Psychology
Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 425
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Master of Science in Psychology

with concentrations in:

  • Clinical Counseling
  • Industrial/Organizational

The areas of concentration for the Master of Science degree program are clinical/counseling psychology or industrial/organizational psychology.

The principal objective of the clinical/counseling program is to provide students with practical skills in counseling, through supervised training and experience, and an understanding of relevant subject matter knowledge and research methodology. The program offers required and elective course work designed to meet the educational requirements for licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) as outlined by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. The program culminates with a thesis or comprehensive examination and an internship experience.

The principal objective of the industrial/organizational program is to provide students with the skills to apply the principles and methods of psychology to organizations, public and private, and to settings where people are engaged in work. To be successful in this application, the graduate must have developed knowledge and appreciation of psychological theory and research as they apply to organizations and people at work, and mastery of the measurement and research technologies which are commonly used in the discipline.

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