Requirements for Graduation

In addition to the general requirements of the university and the department, graduation requirements include:

  1. A minimum of 64 units of approved graduate-level work included in the formal program, with at least half of the units required for the degree gained from 600-level courses in Health Science and Human Ecology;
  2. Advancement to candidacy for the degree and approval of the specific program study;
  3. A grade point average of 3.0 ("B"), or better, in all graduate course work and research fulfilling the requirements of the Master of Science in Health Services Administration, and grades of "B-" or better in all coursework;
  4. One of the following:
    1. Completion of the administrative residency/internship with a final project,
    2. Completion and defense of an acceptable thesis,
    3. Passing the comprehensive examination;
  5. The graduation writing requirement is met upon successful completion of the research thesis or a project report of a graduate internship.

Classified and conditionally classified graduate students in the Master of Science program must complete their degree requirements within seven years.

Degree Requirements (64 units)

Core (44 units)

  1. HSCI 602. Management, Organization, and Planning (4)
  2. HSCI 607. Cross-Cultural Aspects of Health (4)
  3. HSCI 608. Health Research Methods (4)
  4. HSCI 610. Social and Behavioral Influences on Public Health (4)
  5. HSCI 611. Public Health System Organization and Delivery (4)
  6. HSCI 612. Public Health Statistics (4)
  7. HSCI 616. Environmental and Occupational Health (4)
  8. HSCI 617. Epidemiology (4)
  9. HSCI 665. Strategic Planning and Management (4)
  10. HSCI 675. Administration Leadership, Team, and Quality Development (4)
  11. HSCI 685. Health Capstone Seminar (4)

MSHSA Concentration Courses (16 units)

  1. HSCI 603. Health Economics and Financial Systems (4)
  2. Four units chosen from:
    • ACCT 605. Health Care Accounting and Financial Analysis (4)
    • HSCI 605. Health Care Accounting and Financial Analysis (4)
  3. HSCI 645. Information and Technology Systems Management in Health Services (4)
  4. HSCI 653. Health Law and Medical Ethics (4)

Culminating Experience/Application of Learning (4 units)

  1. One of the following options:

Comprehensive Examination Option (4 units)

  1. HSCI 999. Comprehensive Examination (0 units)
  2. Four units of HSCI courses approved by advisor.

Internship/Project Option (4 units)

  1. HSCI 697. Administrative Residency (4)

Thesis Option (4 units)

  1. HSCI 699 Thesis (4)

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