Admission to Program

In addition to the general requirements of the university for admission as a postbaccalaureate student, specific requirements for admission to the Master of Arts in Educational Administration are:

  1. An application for admission to the program must be submitted;
  2. A valid California teaching, pupil personnel or health services credential or full-time designated subject credential (with B.A.);
  3. A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 ("B") in all courses taken in education;
  4. One year of documented full-time teaching, counseling, or nursing experience in a school setting under a valid credential; substitute teaching does not apply;
  5. Successful completion of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST);
  6. Completion of the graduate entrance writing requirement.

    Students who do not meet these criteria may be admitted as conditionally classified graduate students. Students admitted in this category may be changed to classified standing with approval of the College of Education. No more than 20 quarter units may be used to demonstrate fitness to complete the program. Normally, a student is expected to be working concurrently for a credential in administrative services.

    Note for International Applications: A TOEFL requirement exists at this university.

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