Course Offerings



May not be taken by undergraduate students.

623. The Science Curriculum
Examination of the goals and curriculum of school science including key science education reports, a historical perspective of science education, science standards, and exemplars in elementary, middle school and high school science. Formerly EDUC 623. (4 units)
634. Research in Science Education
Focus on research developments in science education including science learning, culture and gender in science learning, science teaching, curriculum and assessment in science, and science teacher education. Formerly EDUC 634. (4 units)
643. Assessment in the Science Classroom
Assessment techniques in science education including the development of assessment tools to obtain reliable and useful information about student achievement in science. (4 units)
644. Inquiry Teaching and Learning in the Science Classroom
Introduction to inquiry teaching and learning in science. Focuses on the design of questions and concepts to support scientific investigation in the classroom and the use of appropriate classroom teaching and learning strategies, materials, and assessment to guide scientific investigation in the K-12 classroom. Formerly EDUC 644. (4 units)
647. Advanced Topics in Teaching Science
Discussion of the efficacy of various models of science teaching, including how students learn science, facilitating learning in the science classroom, and technology and resources. (4 units)
699. Master's Degree Project
Development and completion of master's thesis/project. Prerequisite: advancement to candidacy. (4 units)
999. Comprehensive Examination
An assessment of the student's ability to integrate the knowledge of the area, show critical and independent thinking and demonstrate mastery of the subject matter. Prerequisites: advancement to candidacy, completion of course work in the program and in good academic standing. (0 units)

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