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Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences

with concentrations in:
  • Professional Science Masters
  • Geology

The Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences is designed to provide strong preparation in applied science as well as social, political, and economic aspects needed for critical decision-making for environmental issues. The program has two options, PSM and Geology. The Professional Science Masters (PSM) includes a core curriculum including an internship, and participation in a basic or applied research project related to the internship. To accommodate working professionals, internships may be completed at their place of business if deemed appropriate by their faculty advisor. The program is designed so that it can potentially be completed in two years and every effort will be made to offer courses at times convenient for working professionals. The required internship program will be offered during the summer between the first and second years and the supervised graduate study in the following quarter. Additional internship courses are included as electives, as a number of local companies have expressed an interest in having interns for extended periods. The Geology Option focuses directly on geological study and research. This option is intended for students who wish to pursue graduate level work as a prelude for doctoral studies, or as professional preparation for careers in geological fields.

The culminating experience in the M.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences is an extended project or a research thesis. At the end of the research a professional-level paper describing the project and its results will be prepared and presented to the student's advisory committee. If appropriate, students will be encouraged to publish their work in a peer-reviewed journal.

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