Advancement to Candidacy

To be advanced to candidacy, the student must have:

  1. Completed at least 36 units of coursework required by the program, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and no grade lower than "B-" in any course in the program; (Students will be permitted to repeat and discount only one course to achieve these results.)
  2. Completed at least half of the master's project, verified by the M.F.A. coordinator;
  3. Filed a program plan approved by the M.F.A. coordinator.

Requirements for Graduation

  1. Students must have a minimum of 72 quarter units of graduate-level work in the M.F.A. program with a minimum of 60 units completed in residence at this university;
  2. Students must gain approval in advance from the M.F.A. Coordinator to count 400- or 500-level courses as electives;
  3. Students must be advanced to candidacy;
  4. Students must have a grade point of average of at least 3.0 ("B") in the program's coursework;
  5. Students meet the graduation writing requirement with the successful completion of the master's project;
  6. Students must file a Leave of Absence to preserve their current catalog rights if they are going to be absent from the program one or more quarters;
  7. The program must be completed within a seven-year period. No more than seven years may elapse between the time of registration for the earliest course listed on the program and the completion of all requirements for the degree. Students who have taken any required or elective course that expires because it exceeds this seven-year limitation will be required to retake the course or its equivalent as designated by the M.F.A. coordinators, regardless of the grade originally earned. Petitions to waive this requirement will not be approved.

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