Advancement to Candidacy

  1. During the first quarter of enrollment, the student shall, with the consent of the faculty member chosen and the approval of the graduate coordinator, select an advisor.
  2. Prior to completion of 16 units, the student and advisor shall form the student's graduate advisory committee. The committee shall consist of the advisor and two faculty members, one of whom may be from a related discipline. The committee shall function to: 1) approve the student's program of study; 2) compose and evaluate the student's comprehensive examination (if applicable); and 3) evaluate and approve the student's thesis or project (if applicable).
  3. Upon establishing the committee, and prior to completion of 20 units, the student shall forward for the committee's approval a program of study listing course work to be taken and the capstone experience chosen to complete the degree.
  4. Upon approval of the plan by the advisory committee, the program of study shall be sent to the graduate coordinator for departmental approval resulting in advancement to candidacy.

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