Admission to Program

Applicants must fulfill all the general requirements for admission to graduate studies at this university. All students must meet the Graduate Entrance Writing Requirement. The department welcomes applications from international students and advises them that the Department of Communication Studies has its own requirements regarding the TOEFL (see D. below). To be admitted to the graduate program in Communication Studies:

  1. The applicant must send to the Graduate Admissions Office (in addition to all other required materials):
    1. Three letters of recommendation attesting to academic aptitude and accomplishments;
    2. A one-page essay describing the role the applicant sees the M.A. in Communication Studies playing in accomplishing his or her life/career goals.

    Note: If the applicant wishes to be considered for a Graduate Teaching Associateship, the applicant must submit 1) a curriculum vitae or resume and 2) a one-page statement of intent outlining qualifications along with the other application material.

  2. The applicant must have completed the undergraduate work specified below:
    1. The equivalent of 24 quarter units of communication course work;
    2. In addition, applicants for the Integrated Marketing and Communication Track must:
      1. Include among their 24 quarter units of communication coursework the following:
        • COMM 306. Communication Theory (4)
        • COMM 341. Public Relations Theory and Principles (4)
      2. Complete the following undergraduate marketing courses:
        • MKTG 305. Marketing Principles (4)
        • MKTG 410. Consumer Behavior (4)
      3. Complete ONE of the following research methods courses:
        • COMM 400. Communication Research Methodologies (4)
        • MKTG 416. Marketing Research (4)
        • Note: COMM 400 may be included in the 24 units communication coursework, but MKTG 416 may not.
  3. The applicant must have earned an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 overall and/or 3.0 for the last 90 quarter units (60 semester units) of undergraduate work.
  4. International students must have received a TOEFL score of 575 (computer-based score of 233 or internet-based score of 89) or higher.
    • Successful applicants are admitted to the program as conditionally classified graduate students. Advancement to classified status is conditional upon the completion of all prerequisites, as well as completion (after admission) of one of the following courses with a grade of "B-":
    • COMM 600. Introduction to Graduate Studies (4)
    • COMM 605. Introduction to Graduate Studies in Integrated Marketing Communication (4)

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