Department of Biology
Biological Sciences Building, Room 329
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Master of Science in Biology

The Master of Science in Biology is designed to provide the flexibility required to develop specific course programs and acceptable thesis research proposals based upon the individual graduate student's interests and background. The general goal of the program is to provide the student with opportunity for improvement of competence, development of the ability to continue self-directed study, and development of intellectual responsibility in preparation for professional leadership in biology.

The graduate program in biology provides training in various concentrations of current research interest in molecular and population genetics, physiology, immunology, molecular biology, population and systematic ecology, neurobiology, plant and animal developmental biology, cellular biology, vertebrate morphology and paleontology, microbiology, parasitology, cancer biology and science education.

The department offers both thesis and non-thesis degree programs. The thesis option (Plan I) is designed for students entering research-related careers or planning to enter advanced graduate and professional degree programs. The non-thesis option (Plan II) is designed primarily for students entering professional fields such as teaching.

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