Department of Art
Visual Arts Center, Room 105
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Master of Arts in Art

with concentrations in

  • Art Education (No students are being admitted to the program for the 2012-2014 academic years.)
  • Studio Art (Students are currently being admitted.)

Master of Fine Arts

  • Studio Art and Design

The Master of Arts, Art Education emphasis is designed for K-12 art teachers with at least one year of teaching experience who wish to further develop their studio practice, art education pedagogy and teaching skills. The program offers a progressive perspective on art education that encourages innovative approaches and leadership in the field. Curriculum is balanced between theory and practice including: studio work, art education theory, art history and art criticism. Students receive intensive interaction with faculty and other students.

The Master of Arts in Art, Studio Art is designed to provide opportunities for further study in one or more of the studio areas within the department. The objectives of the program are to foster the artistic growth and competence of the individual, to provide the preparation for a professional career in the visual arts, and to provide a basis for further graduate study in the field.

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