Designated Subjects (Vocational and Adult Education)

Requirements: 24 units

Admission to the Program

Preliminary Designated Subjects Credential requirements or Program Coordinator's permission. Complete Early Orientation requirement prior to or within the first month of teaching or document one year teaching experience under a California Teaching Credential.

Credential Requirements

Appropriate work experience and a high school diploma (or the equivalent) are required for admission to the Designated Subjects Career and Technical (CTE) Teaching Credential Program. Applicants should have at least three years of verifiable work experience directly related to each industry sector named on the credential. One year must equal a minimum of 1000 clock hours for ROP or 1500 hours for adult education. The experience may be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid. One year of work experience must be within the last five years or two years of work experience must be within the last ten years in the area listed on the credential. Contact the Jim and Judy Watson College of Education Student Services Office for additional information on credential processing requirements.

Clear Credential Requirements (24 units)

  1. ECTS 501. Principles and Methods for Teaching Designated Subjects (4)
  2. ECTS 502. Instructional Support for Teaching Designated Subjects (4)
  3. ECTS 503. Contemporary Issues in Teaching Designated Subjects (4)
  4. ECTS 504. Principles of Career and Technical Education (4)
  5. ECTS 518. Field Work in Designated Subjects (4)
  6. ECTS 519. Computer Applications for Career and Technical Educators (4)

Additional Requirements

Students must also complete:

  1. One of the following to fulfill the United States Constitution requirement (or successful completion of an examination administered through the College of Extended Learning):
    • HIST 146. American Civilization (4)
    • HIST 200. United States History to 1877 (4)
    • HIST 540. Constitutional History of the United States (4)
    • PSCI 203. American Government (4)
    • PSCI 410. American Constitutional Law (4)
    • PSCI 411. The Bill of Rights (4)
    • In both, part-time and full-time credentials, a "preliminary" credential is issued on the basis of documented work experience, and the "clear" credential issued after the applicant has completed the indicated course work, met the health education requirement (listed below) and actually taught under the "preliminary" credential.

      Applicants having questions about designated subjects credentials should contact the Coordinator of the Career and Technical Studies Program. For information concerning the Bachelor of Arts in Career and Technical Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies, see Page 125

  2. HSCI 540. School Health Programs and Practices (4)
  3. Possess a valid Infant, Child, Adult Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). On-line CPR training is not acceptable.
  4. Two (2) years of teaching experience.