Faculty Guide to Disruptive Student Behavior

The University is committed to providing a positive and encouraging learning environment where students and faculty can engage in academic pursuits to complete the mission of the University. Any behavior by a student that is observed to be disruptive to the learning process is to be addressed in the following manner:


  • Encourage the student to return to acceptable behavior
  • Explain why the behavior is disruptive, be clear and direct
  • Try to offer assistance that might calm the situation
  • If possible, address the behavior after the class is over
  • Offer appropriate referrals, such as the Psychological Counseling Center - ext. 75040
  • Determine if the behavior is a one-time occurrence or a pattern
  • Discuss reoccurring behavior with the Department chair
  • If the situation in uncontrollable, threatening or hostile, call Campus Police - ext. 77777


  • Make value judgments or psychological assessments
  • Threaten, intimidate or coerce the student in any manner
  • Imply that the behavior will be connected to the student´s grade
  • Make accommodations for academic work, attendance, special assignments etc., unless the student is registered with the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities and that Office has deemed these accommodations as appropriate
  • Make comments to the class in general regarding the student's behavior
  • Discuss the student´s behavior with anyone who does not have a need to know
  • Try to handle the situation completely on your own; seek assistance from the College, Academic Affairs, Student Judicial Affairs or contact a member of this committee

Campus Behavior Committee

  • Assistant VP, Human Resources - 75138
  • Associate Provost for Academic Programs - 75024
  • Director, Services to Students with Disabilities - 75238
  • University Police Chief - 77138
  • Judicial Affairs Officer - 75185
  • University Ombuds - 75635
  • Director, Housing and Residential Life - 74160
  • Assistant Director, Psychological Counseling Ctr - 75040
  • Faculty, Department of Psychology - 75570